Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My snowman cup

Today I took a picture of my coffee cup by mistake. At first I was frustrated because my phone just goes into camera mode for no (what I can figure out) logical reason. But then I started to see that indeed I am still using my snowman cup and I want spring to finally arrive in North America. So, of course I finished drinking my coffee from my snowman cup, washed it and put it way back in the cupboard, not to be seen until December.

I love that cup though, mostly because of its design, the way it is easy to hold and from which to sip. Hmmm...will I manage without the snowman cup for nine long months? I could pick up another cup designed like it from the dollar bin at the local store? But it's not the same. It's not broken in.

Most people would say that I'm being ridiculous. My mother would have said I was being ridiculous. But, there are very few things I hang onto in my world. One of them is my daily coffee "experience". I did not drink coffee until I was 30 years old, mostly because of the acidic effect it had on my body, and second because I didn't like the after taste. But my girlfriend of days gone by then introduced me to Starbucks coffee and I was hooked for life. I knew I could buy it to have at home, and also then bought a very fancy coffee maker. Every morning I would get up at 5 am, before the kids awoke and sit with my coffee on the porch or near a window if it was cold. I would journal, write my thoughts. Once I was done with my first cup, the chaos began in the household. 

Once again I am in the time of my life where I have the liberty to sit by my window or out on the deck (once spring does arrive) and write my thoughts every morning. What a delight to be close to retirement age, an age when I can choose what I do, when....and also what a delight my snowman cup is to me. I think I'll keep using it until next winter. Spring will come anyway.

oh...and...now I most often write my thoughts at the old computer where I wrote my first book. It makes me feel connected.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

What is "Psychic" Perception?I

 "The infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind reveals to me my true place in life." --Joseph Murphy

Within my perspective, the psychic insight that I receive is not from another place, time or experience. It is right here and now. When I want to know something about my own future, sometimes the answers don't come to me. When I ask why, I usually receive an answer something like, "it's not time yet" or "if you knew you would jump ahead and miss some important parts of the journey." So from this I infer that I must 'enjoy the process'....and not give up on what I want, where I am going--my work and my life/love/relationships. Mostly I don't want to give up on God, Source, Universe, Humanity and Earth. 

It's true that I often know things that others may not yet perceive, but that is because I work at polishing the channels of reception. I ASK every day to be a divine receptacle, and if I lose my way, "please bring me back." And trust me, I have lost my way many, many times. It is human nature to need to be reminded that we are also Divine, as well as human. Psychic perception comes from paying attention, checking in regularly and by being open to all that is out there-positive or negative. However, placing a positive spin on the negative is how the mind can help us create success.  Our thoughts and reactions are what can help us bring the positive manifestations into our work and lives. Nothing is impossible within the Divine. The Divine (and our mind attuned to and aligned with the Divine) is what develops our abilities to perceive psychically and through other sixth-sense faculties. We are Co-Creators making this world happen. Humanity wouldn't be here without the Divine Force/Source and the Divine wouldn't have its beautiful Living Library of Earth without Humanity weaving the pieces together.