Sunday, February 15, 2015

Half Full...or...Half Empty?


                       So, is the water bottle half full...or half empty?

Such is the dilemma in life. Am I an optimist..or a pessimist? I guess it might depend upon my mood.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I'm in love with the Earth.

The sky amazes me especially in spring. The clouds hide the mountain temporarily, just as they cover the sun on other days.

Nature is my calling. One day as I walked the mountain, I was feeling blue...down on my luck. But when I asked what the heck I was doing here, what is my purpose? The answer came clearly as I saw the most beautiful landscape in front of me. There were huge boulders, an awesome sky and plenty of little animals running around.

"I'm in love with the Earth," is the answer that came. How can I leave the one I love?


Today I write about ego. This has been perplexing me for a few days now. I've been writing about it, doing research and I still don't understand the complexities of ego, at least from a human, intellectual standpoint I don't. The spiritual literature makes sense. Here is an excerpt from Alice Bailey:

When I use the term "reciprocal vibration," what do I mean? I mean the adaptation of the Personality or Lower Self, to the Ego, or Higher Self, the dominating of the Personality ray by the ray of the Ego and the combining of their tones. I mean the blending of the primary color of the Higher Self with the secondary hue of the Lower Self until beauty is achieved. At first, there is dissonance and discord, a clashing of the colors, and a fight between the Higher and the Lower. But as time progresses, and later with the aid of the Master, harmony of color and tone is produced (a synonymous matter), until eventually you will have the basic note of matter, the major third of the aligned Personality, the dominant fifth of the Ego, followed by the full chord of the Monad or Spirit.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Winter from my office window...going deep!

Deep!  It is snowing outside after a beautiful tank-top weather day yesterday so my mind and heart want to go "DEEP".... Today I want to delve deep within myself. I want to see what it is that drives my ego. 

"People measure their self-knowledge by what the average person in their social environment knows of himself, but not by the real psychic facts which are for the most part hidden from them. In this respect the psyche behaves like the body, of whose physiological and anatomical structure the average person knows very little too." Carl Jung [The Undiscovered Self]

So if my 'body' is putting into place the ego today, I am in deep doo-doo. See. I wanted to go deep but my body is feeling the effects of very little sleep last night, and a weather change that always disrupts my physical flow lately. I want to be creative, but nothing comes. I want to be productive, but I am too tired. So neither my house gets clean or my homework gets done. I actually feel a bit useless today. 

I welcome any and all higher guidance into my space, as the guides, angels and spirits don't have the weight of human form to slow them. I feel sluggish...and I want to go somewhere. I often wonder if my ego mind would like to dismiss or shed the physical body...and if so, would there still be ego?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome to my Writing Table


Thank you for joining me here at my blog. I've decided to write within the scope of "It's My Perception". In this blog space I will share how I perceive things in my life--inside and out, also in the world sometimes, and will come mostly from an intellectual heart space. We wouldn't be human without the heart or the brain interpreting mind.  Since mind is comprised of thought, it is through the brain that we pick and choose which thoughts come into our consciousness. These thoughts are then discerned by us, and we can choose which thoughts then go back out into the group mind. This hopefully brings our desired structured reality to us so that we can experience life through our senses; touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and the grouping of sixth sense qualities such as intuition, psychic insight, spirit reception and more.

As many know I am a psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive and channel. Not only does my brain race with thoughts, I have well developed receptors to many underlying energies going on within experience. Sometimes all of this information can become overwhelming and painful. I work to consciously come from a place of joy most of the time, but once in a while the overwhelm gets to me. I would say that indeed I have a highly developed nervous system, which qualifies me as an HSP (highly sensitive person--Elaine Aron).

This semester of my graduate program I chose to take a class called "Writing as Art". I am happy to be in this course because it is forcing me to sit with pen and paper, and create--write and draw. In today's photo I exhibit my writing table. Every morning as the sun beats in my window, and I have the view of Spanish Peaks in front of me, I write-by hand-in my journal. I find that I have a lot to say. It's not like this is the end of my life, in the third trimester whatsoever. Often it feels like the beginning of my life, and yet I have a story to tell.

So for now "It's My Perception" is just that--my perception. Often people have told me that I have an interesting interpretation of life and situations but my perception is tainted with the psychic abilities I have, like it or not. I am using this venue/format so that I can sort out what is personal preference or opinion, and what is psychic perception. And I finally want to share my perception on a regular basis with whomever may want to view. What is truth and what is not? These ethical concerns for me are important. If you enjoy my process and learn from it, then that is wonderful. If not, there is no need to stay on the page. 

I welcome anyone here that comes in peace and wants to enjoy, learn and just that is what life is, a state of be-ing. That is my perception.