Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Time Under Heaven

There is a time for everything and a time for every happening under heaven. A time for giving birth, a time for dying; a time for planting, and a time for uprooting. —Ecclesiastes: Chap. 3 : ver. 1&2

I'm not a biblical scholar, but this scripture reads so true to me. I ask my inner counsel why is it that life here in this body, on this Earth is so temporal. I receive the answer, "it just is" and "that's the beauty of it." As I hear this from my wise and almighty head/thoughts I have a flashback to a restaurant that my family used to frequent when my sister and I were children. The restaurant is still there, but the memories are fading. 

As I approach my 'senior' years, the age of the Crone (and I'm SO proud to be in the Crone category now) I have a bucket list a mile long. I never had a bucket list until last year. What the heck? But now it seems important to begin acting on the dreams I've had for so many years and have denied. Why now? I'm not sure. But now is the time. This I do know. Now is the time.

Dream Big and Act on It or Go Home is my motto for the rest of this era. My body may be getting older but my mind is growing younger!

I see myself helping others understand the divinity within all life that will eventually bring peace to the Earth and humanity via collective prayer/meditation, intention and action. I want to teach others to “read” or see for themselves the near future possibilities, probabilities and what can be changed for more effective creation experiences. Not everyone has clairvoyance that is immediate, but everyone can enhance their mindfulness and even psychic insight abilities with practice, persistence and allowing.

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