Wednesday, April 8, 2015

If I die today...

Inspired by my husband's recent medical experience...

If I die today, they’ll not know my wisdom.
If I wait until the morrow, they still may not know.
So I wonder then, perhaps the wisdom is just for me.
But I have learned so much from my elders, those in mid-life, and the young
Why wouldn't they wish to learn from me?
Perhaps there isn't time, or enough grace that will allow for that.
This life has been rich with love, sadness and joy.
Experience is all there is, perception is what shapes the experience.
I learn from the lives of others.
Can they learn from mine?
Or is this ego talking?
Listening with the heart is what matters.
Listen with the heart and express Compassion, Non-judgment and Truth.
Maybe I’ll just tuck the wisdom away, sweep it under the rug…
Because no one cares.

I am invisible, they do not…cannot…see me.

                             Jules (c) 2015

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